Street Names for Heroin

Black Tar

There are dozens of street names for heroin. For example, Black Tar heroin is a very potent type of heroin that has a very dark, crystal-like texture when compared with white powdered heroin. For this reason, it's often smoked using foil, a lighter and a makeshift pipe. Other names include:

  • Black Pearl
  • Black Eagle
  • Black Stuff

Brown Sugar

Similar to Black Tar, Brown Sugar looks a lot like it's namesake and is typically smoked or injected. Other names include:

  • Brown
  • Brown Crystal

Number Four

Heroin is graded by purity. Grade four is believed to be about 80 percent pure heroin and can be lethal if injected without cutting the product to dilute the purity.


Horse is a common nickname for heroin. other names include:

  • Smack
  • Big H
  • Chiva

White Lady

This is yet another term used for heroin in white powder form. You'll also hear names like:

  • White Boy
  • White Stuff
  • White Nurse

Many first time users choose to smoke heroin, but it can also be snorted just like cocaine. Users typically progress to shooting the drug.

Street Names for Heroin Combos

Heroin is often used with other drugs, and each combination has its own street name. The following is just a small sample.

  • Goofballs - Heroin and cocaine combo
  • Speedballs - Heroin and meth combo
  • Moonrocks - Heroin and crack combo
  • China White - Heroin cut with Fentanyl
  • Cheese - Heroin mixed with cold medicine
  • Atom bomb - Heroin mixed with marijuana

Learn More About Heroin Use

Familiarizing yourself with street names for this drug is just one step in the fight against drug abuse. For more info, visit Heroin Use Pictures. This slideshow proves there is nothing glamorous about heroin use.

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Street Names for Heroin