How Can I Sleep Without Ambien

How Can I Sleep without Ambien?

How can I sleep without Ambien? That's a question asked by many people who have experienced an Ambien addiction or side effects from the drug and need to discontinue using it. True, it can be difficult to overcome a dependency on Ambien, but it's possible to recover your natural ability to fall asleep on your own.

This slideshow offers tips on ways to fall asleep naturally. Applied over time, they can reduce a dependency on Ambien and eliminate any unpleasant side-effects experienced while using the drug.

Take Time to Wind Down

With a busy schedule, sometimes people find themselves active right up until bedtime. It's difficult to go from sixty to zero in the blink of an eye. Instead of taking an Ambien, plan to spend at least one hour relaxing before you attempt to fall asleep.

Have a Cup of Tea or Warm Milk

A cup of warm milk before bedtime really can be a good soporific. If you don't care for milk, try a soothing cup of chamomile tea to help you relax instead of taking an Ambien.

Take a Warm Bath

A nice soak in a warm bath just before bedtime helps relax your muscles and relieve stress. Try a little aromatherapy by adding some lavender bath crystals.

Read a Good Book in Bed

When you read in bed, you're so comfortable and concentrated on the story that your body naturally relaxes into the pillows. From there, it's easy to turn off that bedside lamp and slip off to dreamland- Ambien-free.

Sleep in a Comfy Bed

Since people spend approximately one-third of their lives sleeping, it makes sense to ensure the bed and bedding are comfortable. Purchase a mattress with enough support, and treat yourself to some high quality pillows, sheets and a comforter. It also doesn't hurt to adjust the thermostat to a pleasing temperature so you're not too hot or cold.

Get Enough Sunshine

When used on a regular basis, Ambien depresses your body's circadian rhythm, the rhythm that governs your waking and sleeping cycles. By exposing yourself to more natural sunlight, you can begin restoring your normal sleep cycle. If you can't spend enough time outdoors or near a sunny window, try spending some time under a sunlamp instead.

Keep a Regular Bedtime Schedule

Overcoming a dependency on Ambien may not be easy, but keeping a regular bedtime schedule can help train your body to become sleepy at a predictable time without the use of Ambien. Set a bedtime, spend an hour relaxing in whichever way you prefer, climb into bed and allow your mind to clear away all of the day's clutter. By establishing a regular routine, you should eventually find you're no longer dependent on Ambien.

Caffeine usage can also make it difficult to sleep. If you feel you need to reduce the amount of caffeine you drink, learn more about Caffeine Withdrawal.

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How Can I Sleep Without Ambien