10 Signs of Depression

10 Signs of Depression: Despair

Depression can be a subtle disease that comes on gradually. Clinically depressed people may not exhibit every sign that can accompany this condition, but they often display one or more classic 10 signs of depression for two weeks or longer. Feelings of despair or emptiness are some of the most common signs of this malady. If you or someone you know appears to suffer from depression, seek help right away from a physician or qualified counselor. Depression is treatable.

Irritability and Anxiety

Feeling irritable or anxious for extended periods can be yet another sign of being depressed.


General feelings of fatigue, sluggishness and body aches are common in someone suffering from depression.


A loss of hope and confidence often accompanies a depressive disorder.


Feelings of worthlessness and guilt may seem overwhelming to a person experiencing depression.

Loss of Interest

It's not uncommon for people to lose interest in the things they once enjoyed when depression takes hold. This could include their career, friends, hobbies and even sexual activity.

Sleep Changes

Prolonged changes in sleep patterns, such as sleeping too much or suffering from insomnia, can also signal the presence of depression.

Appetite Changes

Drastic changes in appetite that lead to noticeable weight gain or loss are sometimes experienced by a person suffering from depression, and can actually increase feelings of sadness and guilt.

Memory Loss

Memory loss and difficulty concentrating are also often associated with depression.

Thoughts of Death

Preoccupation with death or suicidal thoughts are usually very serious signs of depression. Anyone experiencing such thoughts is in need of immediate help from a qualified professional.

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10 Signs of Depression