Overcoming Food Addiction

A New Relationship with Food


Overcoming food addiction can be a difficult task. Since food is in constant supply and necessary to live, recovering from this addiction is twofold. You not only have to change the addiction and harmful behavior, but also learn how to have a healthier relationship with food.

Binge Eating


Admitting you have a food addiction might mean dealing with shameful behaviors and emotions. Know that you are not alone in the feelings you are facing. Anyone who has faced recovery from a food addiction (or any other addiction for that matter) has to be honest and come to terms with this struggle.

Getting Support


Treatment for overcoming food addiction is an individual process. Some people will want to work with a counselor or treatment center, while others might seek out a support group. Facing addiction alone is hard, so know that you have many options.

Write it Down


To start changing your relationship with food, it’s important to become aware of any toxic behaviors around it. Keeping a journal can be help for identifying how your addiction works for you. Pay close attention to not only what you are doing, but how you are feeling. Consider what you believe about food. Also, recognize that food is not a solution for anything other than physical hunger.

Eat Healthier Foods


If you know what foods you tend to binge on, stop buying them. Replace those foods with other choices. Start to notice when you are truly hungry and when you are eating for other reasons. Know that your body can relearn the right way to eat.

Create a Better Self-Image


You might also find yourself wanting to make other changes as you deal with overcoming food addiction. Perhaps you need to reevaluate your relationships, how you deal with stress, or your self-image.

Change Is a Process


As you take the road to recovery, know that it might be bumpy at times. Accept that challenges and roadblocks can be part of the process. Being totally committed to getting well and overcoming food addiction is crucial.

Setbacks and even relapse might occur, but as long as you keep moving forward with changing your behaviors, you’ll get there.

Learning to Eat Again


Focus on eating healthy, eating a variety of foods, and being nice to yourself. The more you can truly care for yourself, the better.

Embracing Change


To maintain recovery in overcoming a food addiction, most people do need outside support. Talk to others who are also making changes in their lives. You may find yourself adhering to an entire lifestyle change as you let go of old beliefs around food and embrace a new strength in yourself.

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Overcoming Food Addiction