Christian Alcohol and Drug Addiction Treatment Web Sites

There are many Christian alcohol and drug addiction treatment web sites.

Christian alcohol and drug addiction treatment web sites can be very helpful for people of the Christian faith who need information about addiction treatments and support groups. There are a number of web sites that can be accessed, most of which take a low pressure, but firm approach to providing addiction and scripture information.

About Christian Alcohol and Drug Addiction Treatment Web Sites

There are many different Christian alcohol and drug addiction treatment web sites that are dedicated to providing information about drug and alcohol addiction and recovery to addicts and loved ones.

Some of these sites are solely information providers, while others are an online presence for drug and addiction treatment centers that incorporate the teachings of the Christian faith into addiction therapy sessions.

Websites to Visit

  • CBN - The Christian Broadcasting Network has several web pages devoted to drug addiction and drug addiction recovery. Information that can be found on the CBN site includes details on what scripture says about drug addiction, advice on how to be spiritually reborn, and references and homework that can be a good stepping stone to the recovery process. The site also includes resources to assist drug addicts in locating churches that offer help.
  • Celebrate Recovery - Celebrate Recovery is a Christ-based 12 step recovery program that was started in 1991 at a church in California. The program is now available at more than 5,000 churches worldwide and has helped more than 500,000 people to date. The Celebrate Recovery web site includes a video for newcomers, information about the program, messages and news, and details about Celebrate Recovery books and seminars. Visitors are also able to find a Celebrate Recovery program using a special search feature on the site.
  • Grace Track for Christians - The Grace Track for Christians is a web site brought to the net by Spencer Recovery Centers. Spencer Recovery Centers are located from coast to coast and treat both alcohol and drug addicts. The recovery program emphasizes Jesus Christ as a Higher Power and combines the belief with medical attention, behavioral therapies, and counseling sessions. The web site includes detailed information about programs, counseling, treatment, rehab, and detox.
  • Pacific Hills - The website for Pacific Hills Treatment Centers explains how Pacific Hills Alcohol Rehab differs from traditional alcohol addiction treatment. While Pacific Hills has based their programs on the 12 steps of Alcoholics Anonymous, they have also incorporated principles of the Christian bible. In addition to information on the alcohol treatment programs offered by Pacific Hills, visitors to the web site will also find information on Pacific Hills' various drug treatment programs.
  • LaHacienda - Located in Texas, the LaHacienda Drug Treatment Facility offers the option of incorporating Christian beliefs into the recovery process. The La Hacienda web site explains that the Christian Focus Program allows patients to take part in special group and separate individual counseling sessions. Scripture is studied and explored to determine how the Christian faith interrelates to the recovery experience. There is also a staff minister who can be consulted and a nearby church to visit.
  • Eternal Awakenings - Also located in Texas, the Eternal Awakenings Christian Drug Rehab is a faith based rehabilitation facility that focuses on applying Christian principles to the drug addiction recovery process. The Eternal Awakenings web site includes detailed information about the facility, as well as information about the treatment programs. You will also find testimonials and belief statements.
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Christian Alcohol and Drug Addiction Treatment Web Sites