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Article Highlight: Shopping Addiction Signs and Treatments

Shopping is typically an enjoyable activity for most people. But there are people who make compulsive purchases regardless if they can afford it or even need the item. This compulsive shopping behavior is a mental… Keep reading »

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Computer Addiction

There are many other addictions that involve the use of something besides drugs and alcohol. This category will help you learn more about them.

Learn About Other Addictions

Generally speaking, an addiction is any behavior that you A) feel powerless to control and B) interferes with your normal daily functions. Since a healthy lifestyle requires balance, addictions can have serious physical, emotional and psychological consequences.

Sexual addiction is one example of an addiction that is often misunderstood. While it's perfectly normal to enjoy sexual activity, letting your desires dictate your daily life can cause shame and embarrassment. Sexaholics Anonymous is a support group for people who engage in compulsive and promiscuous sexual behavior or suffer from porn addiction.

While computers can be useful tools to improve productivity, they can also promote addictive behavior among certain individuals. Bored office workers may develop a solitaire addiction instead of focusing on how to improve their job performance. Thrill seekers may develop an online gambling addiction or video game addiction when they lack a constructive outlet for their risk-taking impulse. Even checking your email can turn into an addictive behavior if you just can't move on with your day until you check it one more time. Treatment for computer addiction includes cognitive behavioral therapy that encourages the addict to understand the factors that contribute to destructive behavior while developing positive coping mechanisms.

The articles in this category can help you understand how your addiction is affecting your life and give you the tools you need to change your unhealthy behavior. Whether you suffer from a caffeine addiction, a shoplifting addiction or other addictions, understanding your illness is the first step to recovery.

Other Addictions