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Article Highlight: Treatment for Compulsive Lying

Some people know an acquaintance, coworker, friend, or family member who is a compulsive liar. They lie when there doesn't seem to be any reason to, and the consequences of lying seem to outweigh the benefits… Keep reading »

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Liar covering her mouth

Compulsive lying is a problem that can affect people who have a personality disorder, but pathological lying can also exist in someone who doesn't have a mental illness or a personality disorder. Get the facts, signs and information you need to help determine if someone in your life has a lying addiction.

Traits and Signs

Like any addiction, lying disorders often have traits, signs and cues. Learn to read the people around you and find out if they have a lying problem by getting information like:


Lying can quickly make a person feel as though they are in over their head. Get the information you need to feel more confident on topics like:

  • Psychology: Get the facts on the psychology of lying and get a better understanding of what goes on when someone lies.
  • Treatment: Like many addictions, lying can be treated. Find out what the treatments are for compulsive and pathological liars.

Get Informed

With the right information, you'll find yourself better equipped to deal with an addiction like lying. Turn to the facts found within the articles on LoveToKnow Recovery for help and learn the truth behind the lies.

Lying Addiction