Drug Addiction

Article Highlight: Signs and Symptoms of Heroin Overdose Death

The opioid heroin is a highly addictive drug that around 14,000 people die from on a yearly basis. An overdose can take minutes to hours and is dependent on how much of the drug was used, the size of the user,… Keep reading »

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The pain of addiction

There are many causes of drug addiction. People experiment with drugs because they are bored, feel pressured by their peers or have grown up surrounded by people suffering from addiction. Experimentation leads to addiction when the user discovers the drug offers a sense of euphoria and a way to temporarily escape his/her problems.

Fighting Drug Addiction

Drug tests are the newest tool in the fight against substance abuse. Many employers are demanding drug tests as a condition of employment and requiring all employees to pass random urine, hair or saliva tests to retain their current positions. Some schools and colleges are requesting drug tests for students who wish to participate in athletic activities. Home drug tests have even made it possible for parents to test children they suspect of substance abuse.

While most people associate substance abuse with marijuana, meth or other illegal substances, prescription drug addiction is on the rise. After being prescribed pain killers for a serious injury, some people may develop a Vicodin addiction. Many insomniacs who rely on sleeping pills discover that Ambien addiction is a real danger. Even though antidepressants such as Paxil are not physically addictive, it's possible to develop a psychological dependency on the medication. Unfortunately, most drug tests focus more on finding illegal substances than detecting prescription drug abuse.

If you suffer from a drug addiction, there is hope. Treatment is available to help you begin a clean and sober lifestyle. Acknowledging an addiction is the first step in that journey. In addition to the information you'll find in this category, feel free to share your experiences and leave questions in the comments box on any page.

Drug Addiction