Alcohol Addiction

Article Highlight: How Long Will Alcohol Stay in Your System

How long alcohol remains in your system after you drink depends on several factors. How much alcohol you consume, how often you drink, and how your liver handles the substance are the main determinants. Keep reading »

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Alcohol Addiction

Unlike a social drinker who enjoys a glass of wine occasionally, a person suffering from alcohol addiction lets drinking consume his/her daily life. Instead of focusing on being a good spouse, parent or employee, the alcoholic lives in pursuit of his/her next drink. Get the facts and information you need to deal with this issue from the information presented by LoveToKnow Recovery.


Sometimes being informed is your greatest defense against an addiction like alcoholism. Read up to educate yourself on topics like:


Learn how alcoholism impacts every aspect of your life, with information on the signs, symptoms and risks of the disease, such as:

  • Marriage: Learn what alcoholism can do to a marriage and what steps you can take to help heal the damage.
  • Symptoms: Learn both the effects of alcoholism on the body, as well as the symptoms that withdrawal can cause.
  • Addiction: Learn what causes addictions such as alcoholism, as well as get expert advice on what you can do to prevent them.

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Armed with the right knowledge and information, you'll find it easier to get the answers and the help you need. Turn to the information found on LoveToKnow Recovery on alcohol addiction and begin your own recovery process.

Alcohol Addiction