Addiction and Recovery Interviews

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When you need expert insights and real information, LoveToKnow's addiction and recovery interviews are a great place to turn. Presented in a real-world, accessible format with useful tips and advice, these interviews offer the perspective you need to understand this challenging subject. You'll find helpful expert insights on a wide variety of addiction-related topics.

Expert Advice About Drug and Alcohol Abuse

You may have read the statistics and seen the effects of substance abuse first-hand, but it helps to have the advice of people who are experts in this field. From spotting the signs of abuse to handling the ups and downs that come with recovery, these interviews can help:

  • Learn about the world-famous Narcotics Anonymous and find out what NA experts feel is key for overcoming drug addiction.
  • Get a real-world look at the science behind addiction and brain with insights from one of the leading researchers in the field.
  • Read what one writer learned about the relationship between addiction and creativity and learn her secrets for overcoming addiction.
  • Concerned you or someone you love may have a predisposition to addiction? Get insights from a psychologist about preventing addiction.

Insights About Living With or Loving an Addict

If you are the spouse, partner, child, or friend of an addict, you already know that being close to someone with an addiction can be challenging at times. Read expert tips and insights about how to take care of yourself, set boundaries, and offer help where you can:

  • Learn about what it's like to be or live with a functioning alcoholic. Find out about the symptoms and treatment and how it affects the family.
  • Find out how addiction affects the family and how family genetics can affect addiction. Read insights about family and addiction from a leading intervention specialist.
  • Get professional tips on how to stage an intervention when someone you care about is struggling with addiction.

Learn About Other Types of Addiction

Addiction isn't limited to substance abuse. Get expert insights about other types of addiction that may be affecting your life:

Expert Insights to Help You Understand Addiction

Whether you're struggling with an addiction yourself, concerned about someone you care about, or simply need reliable research on the topic of addiction, LoveToKnow offers expert interviews that will help you gain an understanding of this complex topic. Perspective is important, and these professional insights will help.

Addiction and Recovery Interviews