Body Language Signs of Lying

Spot a Liar

Can you pick out the body language signs of lying? Unless you are dealing with a psychopath, there are signs that indicate someone is trying to hide the truth. This slideshow offer tips on how to spot those signs.

Body Language Signs of Lying

A person who is lying may speak at a higher pitch than normal, so be aware that a sudden change in the way someone speaks is a red flag for lying.

Stiff Body

A liar's body may stiffen up as he makes a false statement. Suddenly crossing the arms may indicate the person is feeling like he needs to shield himself.

Covering Mouth

An individual who covers his or her mouth while speaking may be lying.

Touching Nose or Face

Hands touching the nose or the face may also indicate deception.

Tightness Around the Lips

Look for tightness in the mouth area as a sign of lying.

Closed Palms

Someone who turns his or her palms away from you or who closes his or her hands may also be lying.

Decipher the Clues to Lying

Now that you know the body language signs of lying, can you put the clues together when you are speaking to someone?

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Body Language Signs of Lying