Overcoming Meth Addiction

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Overcoming meth addiction can be difficult, but it is possible to get better and stop using this drug.

The Problem with Meth

Methamphetamine, which is also known as speed or crystal meth, is a highly addictive and dangerous drug. As a stimulant, it initially causes a person to have increased energy and euphoric feeling by triggering the central nervous system, but over time the negative side effects on the brain and on a person's body are long lasting and, in many instances, permanent. With repeated use, the drug destroys the wiring in the brain, making it impossible to experience pleasurable sensations.

Steps to Overcoming Meth Addiction

If you are concerned about a meth addiction, it's important to get help and learn as much as possible about this drug. Meth users have a high rate of relapse, but recovery is possible and people can move on from this drug.

Admit You Have a Problem

It can be difficult to admit you have an addiction, and intervention is sometimes necessary. If your meth use is out of control, you'll find yourself going back to the drug or ending use only to start up again. This might also mean admitting that meth use has been harmful and made your life unmanageable. Acknowledging the addiction and surrendering your powerlessness over it is a very healthy and important first step to recovery.

Make a Decision to Change

Deciding that it's more important to end a drug habit than continue on a destructive path can help a person to overcome a meth addiction. Once this decision has been made, a person can start searching for treatment centers and get serious about overcoming the problem. Keep in mind that each person is responsible for making the decision to change. While family members, friends, and professional can offer incentive or support, in the end, the addict must make the choice.

Seek Professional Help

The proper treatment for drug addiction involves a number of things including physician-sopervised detoxification, group and individual therapy, and relapse prevention. Many people who suffer from drug addiction deal with relapse, so it's important to know that even if relapse occurs, this doesn't mean a person has failed treatment. Release is simply a bump on the road and incentive to get back on track. Treatment centers and professional medical help can give you the support you need.

Websites for Meth Addicts

Here are some helpful websites for overcoming meth addiction:

Book Suggestions

Many drug and alcohol addicts find that rehab is a time to not only get better from the addiction, but to also seek personal growth. This is a helpful time to seek out new healthy hobbies, interests, life goals and read books about overcoming addiction. Finding good role models or becoming a role model for other addicts can also be an important part of moving on with your life without meth. Check out these books online or see if your local library carries them.

Never Give Up

The road ahead may be difficult, but you can recover from meth addiction if you refuse to give up.

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Overcoming Meth Addiction