Sad Drug Poems

Addict writing

Writing poetry is one way addicts, families and friends share the pain and turmoil that addiction brings into their lives. Sadness and desperation are universal themes in these poems; themes that often forge a strong emotional connection between the writer and the reader.

Examples of Sad Drug Poems

Poems about drug abuse are very personal to writer, whether it's the addict or a loved one who is watching that person trapped by addiction. The following poems were written from various perspectives.

To Quit or Not to Quit

I should wash these pills down the drain,
But it seems easier to prolong my pain,
Because I know going through withdrawal will just about kill me.

It seems easier just to go on,
Smoking crack and popping pills until dawn,
Knowing in the end what will be, will be.

Yet somewhere deep inside,
There's a little bit of pride,
A tiny shaft of light that still reminds me.

Of the girl I used to be,
When my brain was clear and free,
I'm just not sure that I can be that girl again.

Addict in action

A Slow Death

As I hold the spoon to the flame,
I've got no one but myself to blame.

As I stick the needle in my skin,
I don't feel like I can ever win.

There's a moment of elation,
That follows the penetration.

But it's gone again too soon,
So I try to find my spoon.

And I'll do it all again,
Until I reach the very end.

Slipping Away

There's a siren in the distance,
As the daylight is slipping away.
And she tries to put up some resistance,
As her soul is slipping away.

The siren is growing closer,
But she fears she cannot stay,
To wait for the paramedics because
Her will is slipping away.

The siren is loud, and comes to a stop.
They burst through the door, not waiting to knock.
But they're too late to help; her family's in shock.
Her life has slipped away.

God Help Me

Here I am,
Right back where I began
With a crack pipe in my hand.

I know now I can't quit,
and I feel so very sick.
I can't change, not one little bit.

God help me because I cannot help myself.

You Promised

Woman in despair

You promised you'd quit.
I know that you tried,
But in the end
It turns out you lied.

You promised you'd try
to quit again.
But you weren't any more successful
that time, my friend.

This time will be different
You promised me.
You'd give up your pipe,
You'd be crack free.

But you're still smoking crack,
And I've given up hope.
You'll always love me less
Than you love your dope.

So I'm saying goodbye,
and this time I mean it.
Your promises don't turn out,
I've already seen it.

You don't care about
Your life or your health.
I cannot save you,
But I can save myself.

Dead On Arrival

Discovered cold and blue,
Vomit crusting on the floor.
Empty prescriptions on the nightstand,
On the carpet a couple more.

Sirens as the ambulance approaches,
But there's little chance of survival.
At the emergency room he's pronounced
Dead on arrival.

What You See, What You Don't

Crying on the outside and dying on the inside.
That's me; that's all you can see.

But what you don't see is that it's not really me,
Or at least not the girl that I once used to be.

I'm drowning in my addiction, this is true,
But I'm desperately reaching out to you.

Won't you throw me a lifeline,
And try to help me save this life of mine?

Giving Up

I can't watch one more day,
As you throw your life away,
Push a needle in your vein,
and slowly go insane.

Seems there's nothing I can do
To get through to you.
If you're ever going to quit,
Find your own strength to do it.

I just can't take it anymore,
So I'm walking out the door.
Don't know if I'll see you alive again,
But remember I tried to be your friend.

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Poetry Can Be Therapeutic

Reading sad poems about drug abuse and the havoc it wreaks can actually help you process your feelings if you're caught in the middle of a bad situation. Try writing some poems for yourself to help release any feelings of frustration, fear or hopelessness you might have. Bringing these feelings out into the daylight can lighten your burden, and this is often a first step to finding whichever kind of help you need.

Sad Drug Poems